What is CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of “talk therapy” or psychological treatment that has been found to be effective in treating a range of mental illnesses. The goal of CBT is to become aware of your own inaccurate or negative thoughts so you may view challenging situations more clearly and then respond to them in a more positive and effective way. CBT can be a helpful therapy, either alone, or with a combination of other therapies in treating mental health disorders. It has been found to be a proven and effective way to learn to better manage stressful life situations.

What does cognitive behavioral therapy treat?

Research has shown that cognitive behavior therapy is effective in treating many common mental illnesses including:

How is cognitive therapy done?

Cognitive therapy is done with a highly skilled approach, through years of scientific evidence, that has been developed to help individuals change their manner and method of thinking. CBT differs from other psychological treatment in that it is based on several core principles. Cognitive therapy focuses on specific problems and uses a goal-oriented approach. Generally, Dr. Yen will take her patients through the following steps:

  • Identify troubling situations
  • Become aware of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs about these problems
  • Identify negative or inaccurate thinking patterns
  • Reshape negative or inaccurate thinking patterns
  • Reinforce positive thinking patterns and behavior

Is there Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Bellaire or Houston?

Dr. Kathleen Yen, CBT Therapist and Psychiatrist, treats patients from Bellaire, West University & Houston, Texas who want to find cognitive behavioral therapy nearby. Dr. Yen has a proven track record and years of experience with cognitive behavioral therapy and in treating adults with different mental illnesses. She can help give you the power to overcome your issues and cope in a healthy way.  Together, you will work with Dr. Yen to develop an understanding of the problem and you’ll work collaboratively to develop a treatment strategy.

CBT…what to consider:

Cognitive behavioral therapy isn’t right for everyone, but you can plan and prepare to make your own therapy a success. Here are some things to consider if you are interested in CBT in Bellaire, Houston or the West University area:

  • Approach CBT therapy as a partnership. You will be partnering with an extremely qualified psychiatrist who has experience in treating your specific condition or disorder.
  • Plan to be open and honest: Dr. Yen is here to help you – so be completely honest when discussing your situation. Be open about your reservations to treatment and keep an open mind about your treatment.
  • Do you homework: CBT often has “homework” for you to do. Do each assignment, even if it seems silly or repetitive.
  • Stay with your treatment plan: CBT takes time and you need to stick with your treatment strategy in order to obtain the best results.
  • Understand CBT takes time: Working on emotional issues takes time and you should understand it’s not a quick process. It takes time and hard work before you will see progress.
  • If it isn’t working – ASK Dr. Yen about it: There may be a reason CBT isn’t working for you. Dr. Yen is here to help and to adapt to your needs, so make sure you discuss your concerns with her before giving up.

For more information on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and the disorders CBT can help, please contact the office of Dr. Kathleen Yen, Adult Psychiatrist serving Bellaire, West University and the Houston, Texas areas.